The Kiiminkijoki River area is well suited for casting and especially fly-fishing from the banks of the river with a lightweight rod and reel. The width of the river varies between 15–90 meters and is suitably deep for wading. The water is light brown in color due to its humus content.

Brown trout, salmon, whitefish and lamprey rise upriver in early summer. Other native fish include grayling, pike, and perch. The river contains 8 special fishing rapids which are stocked with a large amount of catchable-size trout during the fishing season in May - July.

Fishing licenses

Fishing is allowed in the Kiiminkijoki River with a fishing license which allows anglers to catch all species of fish with a lure or fly along the 170-km main course of the river from Kivarinjärvi in Puolanka to the mouth of the river in Haukipudas.

In addition to a fishing license, 18–64-year-olds need to pay a national fishing management fee. Children under 12 years of age do not need a fishing license. 

License sales points

Fishing licenses are sold in the area by certain service stations, kiosks, shops, and tourism destinations. License sales points are listed on the Kiiminkijoki River  finnish web pages at A license can also be purchase online at

Restrictions and enforcement

All restrictions, minimum sizes, and off-season periods based on Finland’s Fishing Act apply to the Kiiminkijoki River. Fishing with a baited hook and line is forbidden in rapids and strong-flowing sections of the river; undersized fish must be revived and released without delay. Fishing rules and regulations are enforced by the police, fishing authorities, and fishing wardens.

Other fishing destinations in the area

Lake Valkeisjärvi in Sanginkylä
From the lake of Valkeisjärvi you can fish for whitefish and planted rainbow trout and lake trout. You can buy a fishing licence by the lake from a kiosk or from a self service point with cash.

Vaaralampi and Tervalampi ponds
Vaaralampi and Tervalampi are ponds with planted rainbow trout. You can buy fishing licence from a self service point by cash from the crossroads.

Kiiminkijoki sea area
The riverbed of Kiiminkijoki is perfect for trolling.